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Kickoff to Sell Furniture Online in an Easy Way - Wholesale Dropshipping Furniture

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What is the Dropshipping furniture retail business? Definition of Dropshipping Furniture.

If you want to know about dropshipping furniture, the first thing you should learn is dropship model in business. Dropshipping is a new method in the supply chain management that retailers do not need to prepare a warehouse to keep the products in stock. And, the dropshipping retailer sells products to the customer with the shipment sent from the direct supplier. They do not arrange the delivery in the merchandising process. Compared with traditional retail businesses, the dropshipping business can save the cost of a warehouse/store.
Dropshipping furniture is an online retail fulfill model that the furniture retailer sells furniture products to the customer with the shipment from a third-party (mostly are the wholesale manufacturer or supplier). The furniture dropshipping retailer does not pay for the extra cost of buying its own brick-and-mortar store or warehouse.

Why Start a Business by Selling Dropshipping Furniture?

① Easy to get started.
The difficulty of running online dropshipping furniture is not as much as the physical furniture store. The owner does not have to worry about the problem of an off-site store. For instance, the location of the store, the square foot of a store, the cost of rent, daily clean of a store, etc. Dropshipping is a typical E-commerce model that retail products online. Once you finish the online furniture shop, you can begin to sell to the public.
② Low investment. Many dropshipping furniture businesses run as the home-based business. That just requires a computer or laptop can handle the matters when running an online shop. And compared with traditional retail, dropshipping will not have a complicated purchasing process. The wholes process of merchandise you can deal with online. And, actually, cooperate with wholesaler furniture suppliers need to achieve the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). While dropshipping furniture model is will not need to achieve the quantity of wholesalers. For personal business, this can save a lot of money on the investment.
③ Wide market and large scales of potential customer. More and more people will spend money and times on shopping online. So, the requirement of shopping online is getting higher in recent years. That means, there are many potential customers in online furniture market. 
④ Easy to change the strategy. Different from off-site selling, the strategy of on-site selling is more flexible. You can use a bunch of marketing methods to attract your customers. And, use many tools online to help you to test the requirement of the product you choose and prepare some high-required products for your online dropshipping furniture store.

But, dropshipping furniture model is not a perfect method on retailing. Of course, it has some limitations.

a. High competitiveness.
The wide market also brings high competitiveness. Because the beginning of this dropshipping furniture is so easy that there are many furniture retailers will start the business online. And there are lots of websites (Amazon, eBay, Wayfair, Aliexpress, Overstock, etc) that sell similar items. It will be a huge crash for your business.
b. Low profits. Dropshipping furniture business does not have a high-profit margin. What’s for? Because of the quantity you order. Large quantity number purchase will get the factory price from the furniture supplier. But, the dropshipping furniture business is unavailable to get a favored discount price from your supplier as the quantity is not large enough. 
c. Brand-build difficulty. If you want to brand your business, dropshipping furniture is not a good way to build a brand. The dropshipper just have the right of selling product offered from the manufacturer/wholesaler.

How to Make Your Dropshipping Furniture Successful?

1. Investigation and make a plan.
Before you start your online selling, the investigation of furniture selling is essential and necessary. You should know the budget of a dropshipping furniture and how to build an attractive shop. What is the cost of online shop building? What furniture do you want to sell? Think about these questions and find out the answer is the first step to kick off the dropshipping furniture business. Make a plan for your dropshipping furniture.
2.Decide a Target Market. After the investigation, choose and decide on a target market. Not only the location you want to sell, but also the potential customers you want to attract. Then find out the proper furniture product you need. In this step, you can use some online tools and methods to help you. 
1) Google Trends - a functional tool to analyze the popularity of top search queries in Google Search Engine across various regions and languages. 
2) Find out Hot-sale Items on Amazon/eBay/Wayfair - the most popular product sold on Amazon is also a reference for your decision. Amazon (and other online shops) has many different sites in each country, you can go through the related page and see what is hot-selling furniture.
3) Social media. Search the topic on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,or Instagram and find the popular furniture people is discussing and watching.
3.Build a online shop. If your plan about selling dropshipping furniture online is complete, then begin to build an online shop. Many people think it will be very difficult for them to build a website. Actually, there are so many platforms to build online websites. Such as Shopify, WordPress, Weebly, Wix, BigCommerce, and other online store making platform. Just follow the step these platforms refer to, you can set up your own shop. At the same time, buy a domain for your web.
4.Find a Supplier. A trustworthy and reliable furniture supplier is a another key point you need to consider before engine your dropshipping furniture investment. Because you a reliable supplier is strict with the quality control. You will not face too many after-sale problems. How to find them? A easy way is to search online. Type the keywords “dropshipping furniture supplier” on the search bar, and view the search result you are interested in. 
5.Online Marketing. If you want to win more traffic on the internet and earn money, do some online marketing methods to help you get a good search result rank. Because the a higher rank leads to large traffic. What you can do for online marketing? SEO, Ads, social media, and EDM are some useful ways to help your dropshipping furniture investment to win back high returns.
Although the dropshipping furniture is not a perfect way for those who want to win large money in a short time, this is a good way for the beginner to cut their teeth on the retailing industry.