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Want to cooperate with VASAGLE brand to grow your sales or expand your product catalog? Register a wholesale account to become a distributor member of VASAGLE (EU Market/US Market). Much affordable price of merchandising for VASAGLE furniture! Take a few minutes to fill in the application form, and you will receive a response within 2-3 business days.

Why Use Vendor System?

Hundreds of items you can choose.
Place orders online.
Save more time and reduce many processes.
Quantity and price online.
Generate further orders by yourself.
How to Use Vendor System?
Create an account from our vendor and distributor system (EU/US)
Sell furniture to your customer from your retail store or online shop.
After reviewing, direct place an order online.
Check out and pay for the bill. (You can decide the price and profits you resell to your customers.)
Waiting for the shipment from VASAGLE warehouses (Germany, UK, France, and the United States). We will arrange to ship from the nearest warehouse as soon as possible.
If you have need a help from VASAGLE about our Vendor System, please leave your inquires on our website.
Start Your Furniture Business with VASAGLE - Become Furniture Distributors Now
At VASAGLE, we supply an opportunity for furniture distributors, vendors and furniture retail businessmen to sell industrial style furniture online or offline. How to become a wholesale furniture distributor and merchandise wholesale furniture? Create an account on vendor system and order online. 
VASAGLE export and sell wholesale industrial furniture for business to business. If you want purchase to in bulk for commercial use, for instance, themed hotel use, restaurant, office, etc. Leave a message about your inquiry to get a FREE wholesale furniture purchasing quote. We will reply the price list to you ASAP.
Distributor cooperation. Want to kickoff your own career by retialing furniture from famous furniture brand? Become a distributor with VASAGLE. You can attract your customers through your online or offline retail store, and book an online order on vender system (EU market / US market). We will ship furniture to your customer on doorstep direct from our warehouses.
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